SG Images® Photography aims towards all aspects of the business environment for advertisements, brochures, product catalogs and online marketing.

Strong and persistent images are an essential component for successful business marketing initiatives.

SG Images® has the experience and creativity to compose images for  maximum impact by pre-visualizing the potential of any situation,  and bringing together elements that result in rich, interesting and  dynamic images.

SG Images® provides the right mix of technical and people skills,  having the ability to make everyone involved feel comfortable and enjoy their role in the professional photography experience.


Product photography is either done on site with the required lighting and background, or possibly performed in the studio especially when extra time is needed for set up and shooting.

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High End Image Refinishing is available for pin pointing a whole range of image scenarios; from removal of minor distractions such as overhead wires, trash, signs, to advanced reconstructions which often can be compared to the work of a magician. Work is performed according to exacting specifications: retaining the embedded colour profile, preserving the original colour temperature and palette, avoiding changes in sharpness and tonality, so that it is impossible to detect which areas of the image are original and which areas have been ‘enhanced’.

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Event Photography Shooting events is part of the corporate territory for a commercial photographer. They are also a perfect opportunity to get management teams together for group photographs or individual portraits.

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